Marketing Resources


Implementing & Evaluating Your District Game-based Learning Program. This free eBook was designed as an updated version of the District Game-based Learning Implementation Guide from Filament Games. The updated eBook provides an overview of not only the implementation process, but worksheets, infographic, and best practices for evaluating a game-based learning program as well.


IMCPlanThis integrated marketing communications campaign was created in partial requirement for graduation from the West Virginia University Integrated Marketing Communications program. The comprehensive campaign was designed to build sustainable, authentic relationships between St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital and Millennials.



District Game-based Learning Implementation Guide. In order to help administrators implement a district-wide game-based learning program, I lead the creation of the District Game-based Learning Implementation Guide. The guide includes technology plan templates, case studies, and interviews with administrators and educators. This eBook is the most viewed resource on the Filament Games website.


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Over the course of two years, I helped the James R. Connor University Center at the University of Wisconsin – Whitewater implement an integrated marketing communications framework. This resource is a sample campaign for the University Center and one of ten plans created annually.



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Prior to implementing an integrated marketing communications plan, I led an extensive branding project at the University Center. During the branding project, we conducted surveys and interviews, developed new internal policies and procedures to establish cross-departmental consistency, and created visual identity standards. This infographic depicts the branding plan and was designed by Heather Harris.


Screen Shot 2017-03-27 at 7.18.35 PMAligning Image and Identity: A Guide to Student Union Branding. After completing the branding project for the James R. Connor University Center at UW-Whitewater, I worked with a team of students to create an eBook outlining the process. This eBook provides an in-depth view of the infographic mentioned above.



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I contributed two articles to the Association of College Unions International Bulletin. The first article outlines the above mentioned branding project and the second article articulates the importance of creating an integrated marketing communications program in a student union.