Hey there! I’m Kat. Two things I’m very passionate about are marketing and photography. For the purposes of today’s conversation, let’s stick with marketing. (If you were hoping we’d talk about photography, feel free to leave now and hop over to my photography site.)

Why marketing, you ask? Marketing is really strategic problem solving. I love looking at all of the pieces and figuring out what we can do with them, or looking at a complex problem and figuring out how to solve it. Mix that with how it makes the customer feel, and I’m hooked!

I work with people, companies, and organizations that are open to a new way of thinking. I coach them through the marketing process and teach them to look at their problems in new ways.

When I’m not marketing, I’m usually over working on my photography business, or exploring the world with my small dog. (If you make it over to my photography site, make sure to check out the photos from Ireland. If you just can’t wait, check them out on Flickr. Ireland is absolutely gorgeous!)

Still reading? Let’s connect! Feel free to reach out on Twitter, or via email if you want to know more. I’m currently available for consulting services, speaking engagements, and coffee.